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NeuroSoph’s intelligent Specto AI platform empowers organizations with enterprise-level conversational chatbot solutions, enabling more efficient and meaningful engagements while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.

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Specto AI Platform

Specto Platform

NeuroSoph’s secure Specto AI platform builds enterprise-ready intelligent conversational AI chatbots. Specto’s cutting edge conversational AI chatbots mimic human conversation and are trained on industry-specific data which enables them to understand the nuances in each industry.

NeuroSoph Inc. is committed to remaining at the forefront in AI technologies which involves integrating Generative AI, such as Large Language Models (LLMs) into our Specto AI Platform to deliver state-of-the-art products and services. Our primary objective is to ensure the highest levels of security and efficacy of our AI systems, effectively preventing the generation of unreliable information inappropriate responses, or nonfactual content.

We provide end-to-end conversational AI chatbots solutions that include the Specto AI platform, implementation services and integration with other systems and databases.

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NeuroSoph’s innovative approach maintains the human-touch and empowers content creators by granting them greater control over the output of AI chatbots, all while enhancing these AI systems to understand and grasp the context of a wide range of conversations. Moreover, our methodology achieves greater efficiency with less data, greater accessibility,  increases digital engagement, and supports organic development of conversations – ultimately, leading to a superior user experience.

Trusted Government Conversational AI Provider

NeuroSoph has over 30 years of combined experience in the public sector with its product and services currently available on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts multi-state  Information Technology Services contract ITS75.

Our team of technology and business professionals understand the challenges government agencies face every day in meeting the increasing demands to connect and communicate with its residents. Resident access to these government services is critical. In partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS), NeuroSoph has developed and deployed its Specto AI platform to enhance access to government services and improve resident experience.

NeuroSoph’s Specto AI Platform specializes in developing government domain-specific AI chatbots that focus and excel in understanding the government domain and its wide variety of services, functions, terminology and jargon. Our supervised AI chatbots streamline government communication, delivering highly efficient, predictable, and accurate information to the public. By saving time, providing accessibility, instant support, and reducing staff workload, they improve government operational efficiency and service delivery effectiveness.

Our government-domain AI chatbots are fully transparent, using trusted and verified information sources within the organizations or agencies they serve. Therefore, our AI chatbots do not return random or unverified results. The knowledge base is built on validated processes and accurate information provided by the government agency.

The Specto AI platform maintains complete control over rules, patterns, and the knowledge base, allowing customization and refinement of chatbot behavior to meet government requirements. Most importantly, our government AI chatbots guarantee accurate and reliable information by rigorously verifying all responses.



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