Makes intelligent software robots
to help businesses and people.

Specto is a intelligent forms processing bot that automates the processing of paper and digital based documents. Specto extracts and classifies data from incoming documents and applies the output to downstream systems and workflows. Using AI, Machine Learning, and OCR Technologies, Specto integrates seamlessly with your systems and workflows.

Flexible Pricing Models

Perpetual COTS or SaaS price per page.

Industries we Serve


Financial Services



Human Resources


Automation Approach

Each process automation project at NeuroSoph starts with:

  1. Clear understanding of the business problem with a defined set of results via discussions involving key stakeholders and subject matter experts
  2. NeuroSoph determines if the given use-case can be solved by Cognitive RPA
  3. Client provides a limited input data set that will be used to obtained desired results
  4. Build a Proof of Concept (POC) so that the client can experience the Cognitive RPA solution and evaluate that the solution will meet client needs
  5. Ensure that we are solving the business problem and that the solution is meeting client’s desired results (accuracy rates, classifications, etc.) and prepare the Cognitive RPA solution for production


NeuroSoph wants to hear about any use cases your organization has. If you can please provide information about your organization, project description and contact information, we will speak with our team to create recommendations on how Artificial Intelligence can help your business.