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use artificial intelligence

Who we are

NeuroSoph, using two decades of experience to provide practical AI solutions

NeuroSoph, Inc. is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Solutions Provider founded in 2018 by the lead practitioners of a technology company that specializes in solving problems for enterprises and government organizations. NeuroSoph’s founders have over 18+ years of successfully completing technology projects ranging from strategic enterprise architecture efforts to the design, development, and implementation of systems.

Today’s Artificial Intelligence is known as Narrow AI. Narrow AI is designed to perform a specific task (e.g. processing forms, facial recognition, or spam detection). Despite some common misconceptions about replacement, AI augments human output by reducing errors associated with manual repetitive processes. It redirects focus on tasks that require creativity and problem solving.

Artificial intelligence technology solutions can enable organizations to:

Focus on mission-critical tasks and achieve key objectives

Decrease costs while increasing efficiency

Provide a tool that assists people to achieve things that were not possible in the past

Improve the citizen and employee experience

Specto is an intelligent forms processing system that augments the processing of paper and digital based documents. The system extracts and classifies data from incoming documents and applies the output to downstream systems and workflows. Using AI, Machine Learning, and OCR Technologies, Specto integrates seamlessly with your systems and workflows.

Flexible Pricing Models

Project based, subscription, and transactional.


In the current economic climate, government agencies and businesses face difficult decisions when it comes to budget and resources. NeuroSoph helps organizations overcome budget constraints and optimize resources through effectively implementing AI solutions to achieve business goals. We help customers understand the intricacies of the rapidly changing business environment and provide innovative, transparent, effective, and comprehensive AI solutions.

NeuroSoph can help your organization identify the right use case for your business problem and provide a road-map to get a production-quality AI solution.

Industries we Serve


Financial Services



Human Resources



Each AI project at NeuroSoph starts with:

  1. Clear understanding of the business problem with a defined set of results via discussions involving key stakeholders and subject matter experts
  2. NeuroSoph determines if the given use-case can be solved by AI
  3. Client provides a limited input data set that will be used to obtained desired results
  4. Build a Proof of Concept (POC) so that the client can experience the AI solution and evaluate that the solution will meet client needs
  5. Ensure that we are solving the business problem and that the solution is meeting client’s desired results (accuracy rates, classifications, etc.) and prepare the AI solution for production


NeuroSoph wants to hear about any use cases your organization has. If you can please provide information about your organization, project description and contact information, we will speak with our team to create recommendations on how Artificial Intelligence can help your business.