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Delivering the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record using NeuroSoph’s Conversational AI Chatbot

Leveraging the success and experience from the COVID-19 AI chatbot implementation, NeuroSoph helps the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Department of Public Health deliver digital COVID-19 vaccination records to its citizens using an intelligent conversational AI chatbot.
covid-19 vaccination record chatbot
Industry: Government
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
# Of Employees: 200+
Top Challenges:
  • Some cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandated proof of vaccination for certain indoor venues​
  • Residents need to find information about how to obtain digital COVID-19 vaccination records
  •, the 2-1-1 hotline, healthcare providers and pharmacies may be overburdened with an influx of calls and questions about how to access their COVID-19 vaccination history and generate digital COVID-19 Smart Health Cards
Key KPIs:
  • 21K+ chatbot clicks
  • 44K+ chatbot messages
  • >96% chatbot messages meeting need of visitor

Within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Department of Public Health (DPH) keeps people healthy and communities strong. The DPH promotes the health and well-being of all residents by ensuring access to high-quality public health and healthcare services, focusing on prevention and wellness, and health equity for all.


In late 2021, some cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandated proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry into certain indoor leisure venues – including dining, fitness, and entertainment.

As a result, the state of Massachusetts needed to ensure that residents could obtain their COVID-19 vaccination records, so they can enter indoor leisure events where proof of vaccination is required. Furthermore, citizens may have questions regarding missing vaccination records or may require guidance on how to obtain a digital smart health card that contains their COVID-19 vaccination record. Without the resources or guidance, healthcare providers, pharmacies, or and the 2-1-1 hotline may become overburdened with calls and questions.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts leveraged its existing partnership with NeuroSoph and its Specto AI (artificial intelligence) platform, which was also used to build the COVID-19 AI chatbot). NeuroSoph’s cutting-edge Specto AI platform builds secure and enterprise-ready conversational AI chatbots. Furthermore, these intelligent AI chatbots are trained on industry-specific data enabling them to understand the nuances of each industry. Using Specto, a highly scalable and intelligent conversational AI chatbot solution was deployed on (Note: link only available to residents of Massachusetts).

As NeuroSoph successfully implemented the Specto AI platform and built the COVID-19 AI chatbot with EOTSS, a proven process was leveraged to quickly build the My Vax Records AI chatbot for DPH, which helps provide COVID-19 vaccination records.

Like for the COVID-19 chatbot, NeuroSoph used a 5-stage iterative process with DPH. Using the Specto AI platform, NeuroSoph launched a conversational AI chatbot that provides vaccination records and helps residents of Massachusetts generate a COVID-19 Smart Health Card that can be downloaded and stored on mobile phones.

5 main stages for launching the My Vax Records AI Chatbot:

  1. Acquisition and analysis seed data for initial training of the chatbot
    • Analysis of My Vax Records seed data that includes feedback provided by DPH
  2. Configuration and integration of Specto AI chatbot user interface for
    • Configure the chatbot user interface to match theme and style
    • Integrate chatbot widget with
    • Ensure 508 compliance and equal accessibility for all visitors
  3. Performance and load testing
    • Perform load tests to ensure Specto AI chatbots can handle user load
  4. Soft launch
    • Launch bot for 20% of users to test and collect user conversational data for additional bot training
    • Incrementally increase exposure to 50% and continue to collect user data for bot
  5. Production rollout
    • Launch bot to 100% of users
    • Monitor Massachusetts COVID-19 guidelines and bot messages for ongoing content improvements
Goal Description Result
8-week implementation of Specto conversational AI chatbot
Due to need of rapidly delivering COVID-19 vaccination records and Smart Health Card to citizens of Massachusetts, NeuroSoph needed to operationalize the Specto AI chatbot within 8-weeks.
The Specto AI My Vax Records chatbot was rolled out in 8-weeks on
Withstanding heavy traffic and website load
Tests (capacity, stress, and soak) to ensure Specto AI chatbots can handle user load and site traffic.
Specto AI chatbots go through rigorous performance and load testing to ensure they can handle loads from Performance tests of bot response time is 1 second or less.
90% target for AI chatbot
As a key measure of ROI, NeuroSoph’s conversational AI chatbot needs deliver at least 90% of vaccination records without directing visitors to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 2-1-1 call centers.
NeuroSoph’s Specto AI chatbot can deliver over 95% of COVID-19 vaccination records without redirecting visitor to call center.
Helps provide additional channel for vaccination record and COVID-19 Smart Health Cards
There are many ways to access COVID-19 vaccination records – contact healthcare provider, contact location where the vaccine was administered (e.g. pharmacy), or online through
Specto AI chatbot acts as an additional channel for obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination record. This helps ease burden from healthcare providers, pharmacies, and government call centers. My Vax Records chatbot is available online and can provide digital COVID-19 vaccination record anytime – 24/7, 365 days.
Reduce calls to Commonwealth 2-1-1 call centre
A goal is to prevent the overburden of vaccination record enquiries to 2-1-1 hotline
Over 95% of visitors can obtain their COVID-19 vaccination records and save their Smart Health Card on their phones without further assistance. Furthermore, can help direct visitors to additional resources, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Data collection for feedback and continuous improvement
Collect rich user conversational data for content development, improvements, continuous bot learning and training.
Specto AI chatbot collects feedback to help anticipate needs and informs bot and on content updates.
Specto AI My Vax Records chatbot dashboard
Collect data from chatbot interactions for analytics and actionable insights to improve performance.
Real time dashboard that tracks web analytics such as:
- Click rates
- User demographics
- Devices used
- In-scope vs. out-of-scope messages
- User conversation history
- Top bot responses
Full Accessibility and 508 compliant
Follows federal government website requirements to be safe and accessible for people with disabilities.
Specto AI chatbots are designed to be fully accessible by all, including to those with disabilities.



Chatbot Clicks


Chatbot Messages


In-Scope Responses

After some cities and towns from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandated a COVID-19 vaccination record for indoor leisure activities, residents needed guidance and an easy solution to obtain their digital COVID-19 smart health card.

NeuroSoph’s Specto conversational AI chatbot is used to augment citizen interactions at scale. The Specto AI chatbot delivers a conversational experience and helps provide an easily accessible method to obtain digital COVID-19 records online at any time – 24/7, 365 days. In addition, the My Vax Records AI chatbot can help direct people to frequently asked questioned (FAQs) regarding the storage and use of their digital smart health card.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to benefit from the successful partnership with NeuroSoph. DPH partnership with NeuroSoph leverages their Specto AI platform to build intelligent conversational chatbots that expands engagement channels, provides better customer experience, and increases the customers return on investment (ROI), as well as return on data (ROD). Most importantly, it aids in delivering services that citizens need – anywhere they need it.

Extend Intelligence with your Trusted Partner, NeuroSoph

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts trusts NeuroSoph to replicate its success with the COVID-19 and My Vax Records AI chatbots. Moreover, NeuroSoph is looking forward to continuing its successful partnership to bring its Specto AI chatbots to other departments of the Commonwealth. Together, they build toward a future that helps make every interaction with government easier, faster, and more secure.

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