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Customer Convenience: Award Winning AI Chatbot for Registry Experiences​

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) partners with NeuroSoph to implement a conversational AI chatbot called Ask MA for the Massachusetts RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) that enhances customer convenience and empowers customers with self-service options

Industry: Government
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
# Of Employees: 700+
Top Challenges:
  • Promoting RMV’s Online Service Center which has over 40 self-service transactions that can be completed online
  • Assist in finding RMV-related information, thereby, reducing in-person visits to RMV locations and decreasing the volume of calls and e-mails to contact centers
Key KPIs:
  • Ask MA chatbot is visible on over 300 RMV pages
  • Customer Convenience Award by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
  • Decrease in 1,000 calls/day and 200 e-mails/per week, month over month

Inside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) is the state’s leading agency for technology and innovation. EOTSS’s mission is to provide secure and quality digital information, services, and tools to constituents and service providers when and where they need them.

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Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is a division of MassDOT (Department of Transportation), with a mission to provide excellent customer service and ensure safety for travelers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To help achieve MasDOT’s goals, the RMV oversees issuing and maintaining records related to motor vehicle registrations and driver's licenses, as well as enforcing motor vehicle laws to promote highway safety. In addition, they are responsible for various other services including driver competency standards, managing licenses, disability parking placards, vehicle registrations, inspections and collecting fees and fines.


The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) seeks innovative solutions to enhance customer convenience. With over 40 transactions that can be completed online, the challenge lies in raising awareness and encouraging individuals to utilize the RMV’s Online Service Center to perform a variety of tasks including license renewals, vehicle registrations, disability placard applications and paying fines and fees. Furthermore, the RMV aims to tackle the challenge of assisting customers navigate its over 400-page domain on to find accurate and reliable RMV-related information – fast and efficiently.

Solving these challenges requires developing user-friendly and convenient tools and efficient communication channels that not only deliver reliable and accurate information but also foster trust and confidence in online resources. Finding a solution to these problems results in reducing the reliance on in-person visits to RMV service centers or contacting RMV through phone or e-mail – thus, increasing operational efficiency and improving resident satisfaction.


Building upon the success achieved by NeuroSoph’s Specto AI platform on and other departments, the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) partnered with NeuroSoph to extend the implementation of the Ask MA AI chatbot into the RMV. This collaboration aims to leverage the expertise of NeuroSoph and enhance the functionality of the Ask MA AI chatbot within the RMV for improved customer interactions and support services.

The Ask MA chatbot was launched on the RMV webpages in September 2022, it provides an additional automated digital channel for visitors alongside traditional customer service channels like phone and e-mail.

Ask MA RMV for customer convenience


phone calls

Reduction of 1000 Calls/Day


Decrease of 200 E-mails/Week

Within weeks of its September 2022 launch, the Ask MA chatbot increased visibility from 20 pages to over 100 pages within the RMV. Today, it is available on over 75% of the RMV’s 400-plus page website.

The Ask MA chatbot provides residents with easily accessible resources for quick navigation and access to necessary information, services, requirements, and regulations. Furthermore, the AI chatbot promotes self-service by enabling customers to obtain information and complete simple transactions independently through the RMV’s Online Service Center. As a result, it has given residents the ability to self-sufficiently address their needs.

Since its launch, it has significantly reduced overall call and e-mail volume – an average of 1,000 calls per day and 200 incoming e-mails per week month-over-month. Additionally, it was awarded the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ Customer Convenience Award, presented to the RMV for improving customer-facing processes.

The Ask MA chatbot has helped the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the RMV deliver accurate and timely information to residents and helps streamline the customer journey. Consequently, providing more government services that are accessible, fast, efficient, and convenient.

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and EOTSS partners with NeuroSoph to build intelligent conversational AI chatbots that expands engagement channels, provides better resident accessibility, and superior experiences and convenience.

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