Other Use Cases

Financial Services

By 2022, banks can automate up to 90% of their customer interactions using AI chatbots
customer service

Self-Service, faster customer support

Automation of simple and repetitive tasks like checking account balances and reporting lost or stolen cards


Promotion and Cross-selling

Offering recommendations and tailored services to customers

fraud monitoring

Monitoring fraud

Chatbots can record conversations and detect fraudulent or suspicious activities


Help generate new leads and drive customer engagement and revenue. Provide seamless assistance to buyers prior to and post-sale.

Handle pre-booking, test-drives and other activities

From pre-sale activities such as updating customers on car details, financing and booking test drives, to post-sales tasks including service reminders, and roadside assistance

product info

Access to product information

Help buyer with necessary information such as variant, features, price, financing, etc. To make an informed decision

customer records

Managing customer records

Efficiently record, manage, and retrieve past records to help dealers with actionable insights regarding customer purchases, insurance, services, etc.


AI Chatbots will have a highly disruptive impact on insurance claims management, leading to cost savings of almost $1.3B by 2023

Simplify Operations with complete safety

Guide customers into performing a variety of tasks like checking or renewing policy and making payments

customer support

Guaranteed Customer Support

Provide immediate support for existing and prospective customers, accessible 24/7 365 days


Internal Training and Support

Provide support to employees by facilitating complex and time-consuming back-office operations, as well as providing necessary training to new staff members

Customer Service & Retail

By 2025, customer service businesses that embed AI in their multichannel platform will elevate operational efficiency by 25% (Gartner)
customer experience

Improve customer experience

Address clients' requests, pre-purchase information, shipping information over any channel

enhanced journey

Enhance shopping journey

Personalized shopping experiences, advice, and recommendations to help find the best product

personalized marketing

Personalized marketing communication

Collect and analyze information generated by conversation to better understand customer needs and predict future preferences

Travel and Hospitality

AI Chatbots will be responsible for business cost savings of over $8B (juniper)

Make recommendations

AI chatbots can make recommendations based on preferences, budget, and destination.


Enhance loyalty

Deliver personalized offers, upgrade, or add-ons to increase engagement and brand loyalty

customer care

Customer care

Suggest travel related services like car rentals or travel insurance or provide immediate support for critical situations


75% to 90% projected percentage of queries to be handled by AI chatbots by 2022 (CNBC)

Resolve technical issues

Help customers resolve technical issues, find the latest upgrades, and address other issues


Increase sales and acquisition

Boost cross-selling among existing customers, offering personalized plans and services based on profile and history


Improve workforce productivity

Help employees focus on more complex tasks as AI chatbots resolve repetitive or time-consuming activities like retrieving information or services.

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