AI trained for your industry

Most bots in the marketplace use a “one-size-fits-all” approach for training bots with artificial intelligence. NeuroSoph trains its Specto AI on industry-specific data so our bots understand the nuances of each industry.

Specto uses industry specific data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate front-office/back-office tasks.

Our approach and unique process results in a more intelligent botbetter customer experience, and increases the customers return on investment (ROI) as well as return on data (ROD).

Vaccine Chat

Select Use Cases

Conversational Assistant 

People need and expect information as quickly as possible to make decisions and move on with their day. Specto AI was recently used to implement a COVID-19 Vaccine Information digital assistant for a government agency. The assistant delivers a conversational user experience, answers, frequently asked COVID-19 vaccination questions 24/7, is accessible to all (508 complaint) , and gathers valuable customer insights.


Augmenting Document Processing Workflows

 In 2017 just as in 1917, government employees spend huge a amounts of time on paperwork. A recent survey of state and local officials found that 53 percent had trouble getting their work done in a 35-to-45 hour week due to excessive paper work burdens. A government agency recently used Specto AI to automatically process Food Stamp forms which resulted in freeing up resources for mission critical tasks and improved operational efficiency. 

Specto AI Platform

Machine Learning

Specto learns from industry specific data.

Natural Language Processing

Enables Specto to understand, interpret and manipulate human language.

Computer Vision

Enables Specto to gain an understanding from digital images or videos.

Optical Character Recognition

Extracts handwritten or printed text from images, scanned documents, and PDFs.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with other systems and interfaces.


Provides metrics about how the Specto AI is performing.

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