Specto AI Platform

NeuroSoph’s Specto AI Platform enables enterprises to rapidly scope

Conversational AI chatbots are complex to develop. NeuroSoph’s Specto AI platform enables enterprises to rapidly scope, build, deploy and maintain complex conversational AI chatbots by streamlining the development process to be more efficient and unified – saving time, costs, and increasing return on investment (ROI).

The Specto AI platform builds and scales intelligent conversational AI chatbots quickly across the organization in multiple languages, devices and between applications. In addition, Specto’s AI chatbots integrates with existing infrastructure and back-end systems to deliver personalized and seamless user experiences which increase the value of enterprise AI chatbots.

The Specto AI Chatbot platform is composed of three primary components:


Chatbot Widget

where the end-user interacts with the chatbot


Backend Server

which receives, processes, and responds to messages


Conversational Database

provides chatbot analytics and conversational data storage

Specto AI Platform Key Features

Machine Learning (ML)

Pattern Recognition and improves over time


Scalable and supports multiple use cases

Back-end Integration

Integration with existing IT infrastructure

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Understand, interpret human language & sentiment

Secure & Compliant

Cloud/On-premises & control of data

Industry-Specific Intelligence

Highly intelligent chatbots for specific domains

Multiple Languages

Chatbots are Multilingual

Chatbot Widget with Auto Suggestions

Easily Customizable and 508 complaint

Dialog Management

Customizable response/action


Speak instead of text available on all devices

Accessible 24/7 365 & Omnichannel

Available on any devices and communication channel


Data driven decisions from actionable insights

NeuroSoph’s Specto AI Platform builds custom-tailored conversational AI chatbots that are trained with your industry-specific data and can augment any user interaction for better user experience, more personalized conversations, valuable insights, and improved productivity. Empower your employees to be more productive and focus on more complex tasks while resolving requests faster than ever.

  • Specto’s CAIP is enterprise-ready and supports multiple use-cases, different modalities of conversation (e.g. speech, chat, text messaging, and email), multi- bot networks, highly scalable, and the ability to live inside established IT architecture
  • Assists with task automation, conversation routing and self-service interactions to deliver fast and accurate responses that help reduce workload on select channels
  • CCDI is the process of using Specto’s AI chatbot conversations with your customers to continuously improve your AI chatbots
  • Results in highly intelligent chatbot that learns a specific domain (e.g. COVID-19) and improve customer experience and quality of chatbots
  • Specto AI platform can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises based on customer’s specific needs. The customer is in control of their valuable data through the entire engagement
  • Meets 508 government compliance standards, allowing people with disabilities to easily interact with our chatbots through screen readers or through speech- to-text
  • Specto’s AI chatbots can integrate with back-end systems and data sources.
  • Our chatbots can automatically perform a task such as scheduling meetings or surface valuable information in an enterprise
  • 24/7 365 access to answer frequently asked questions instantly

  • Chatbot is easily customizable to customer’s branding

  • Continuously improve chatbots with conversation data

  • AI chatbot becomes more intelligent by recognizing patterns and uses it to make predictions

  • To read, decipher, understand, respond and make sense of the human languages

  • Decide which response/action to take at each step in a conversation
  • Customize conversations and retain context to hold back-and-forth conversations. Smoothly handle topic changes and seamlessly integrate business logic into conversation flows
  • Responsive chatbot that is widely accessible on various devices (e.g. iOS and android) and communication channels (i.e. speech, chat, text messaging, and email)
  • Works on all modern internet browsers – Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox
  • Speak into the chatbot instead of typing messages available on all browsers

  • Automated translation using Google and Amazon Web Servies (AWS) translation services

  • Understand the sentiments of user messages by labelling them as positive, negative or neutral
  • If the chatbot does not have a suitable intent/response to answer a user’s question the bot can search google or another domain

  • Enhances data-driven decision-making by collecting rich amounts of data to produce customizable analytics that measure KPIs, gain valuable insights and help anticipate future needs
  • Helps capture evolving user needs by comparing and closing gaps between “what is needed” vs. “what is offered”
  • Built upon open-source framework that enables cost efficient and easy-to-use platform for constant updates and cutting-edge AI technologies

How Specto’s Conversational AI Chatbots work?

Most chatbots in the marketplace use a “one-size-fits-all” approach for training with artificial intelligence (AI). However, NeuroSoph’s proprietary Specto AI platform is used to build conversational AI chatbots that are trained on industry-specific data, therefore, can understand the nuances of each industry.

Specto AI platform chatbots

Generative AI and LLM Chatbots

NeuroSoph Inc. is committed to remaining at the forefront in AI technologies which involves harnessing Generative AI, such as Large Language Models (LLMs) to deliver state-of-the-art products and services. Our primary objective is to ensure the highest levels of security and efficacy of our AI systems, effectively preventing the generation of unreliable information inappropriate responses, or nonfactual content.

Our innovative approach maintains the human-touch and empowers content creators by granting them greater control over the output of AI chatbots, all while enhancing these AI systems to understand and grasp the context of a wide range of conversations. Moreover, our methodology achieves greater efficiency with less data, fosters flexibility, and supports organic development of conversations – ultimately, leading to a superior user experience.



Annual Subscription

NeuroSoph’s Specto AI platform standard license includes a conversational AI chatbot, support, security, scalability, resiliency, and collaboration tools necessary to operate high traffic enterprise chatbots that can be hosted on-premises or in the secure AWS cloud. 

Licenses do not include Implementation Services


Annual Subscription

NeuroSoph’s Specto AI platform enterprise license includes unlimited conversational AI chatbot, 24/7 support, security, scalability, resiliency, and collaboration tools necessary to operate high traffic enterprise chatbots that can be hosted on-premises or in the secure AWS cloud. 

Licenses do not include Implementation Services

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