Specto AI Platform

The Specto AI Platform enables NeuroSoph to deliver fully customizable and transparent AI products and services to government organizations. 

As the AI landscape evolves and customer needs change, the Specto AI Platform grows to accomodate customer needs and expand NeuroSoph's product and service offerings



doc processing

Forms Processing

assisted intake

Assisted Intake

Specto AI Platform Chatbot Key Features

Machine Learning (ML)

Pattern Recognition and improves over time


Scalable and supports multiple use cases

Back-end Integration

Integration with existing IT infrastructure

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Understand, interpret human language & sentiment

Secure & Compliant

Cloud/On-premises and control of data

Industry-Specific Intelligence

Highly intelligent chatbots for specific domains

Multiple Languages

Chatbots are Multilingual

Chatbot Widget with Auto Suggestions

Easily Customizable and 508 complaint

No-Code Dialog Management

User friendly application to customize response and action


Speak instead of text available on all devices

Accessible 24/7 365 & Omnichannel

Available on any devices and communication channel


Data driven decisions from actionable insights

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Creates intelligent, conversational experiences without limitation of intent-based systems

Live Chat

Hand-off to human agent to enhance real-time customer support and engagement

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) Compliant

Ensures chatbot widget is inclusive and accessible to all users, regardless of disability

NeuroSoph’s Specto AI Platform builds custom-tailored LLM-enhanced conversational AI chatbots that have improved comprehension and conversational awareness, while prioritizing safety measures that improve the efficacy and precision of responses. Moreover, it understands your domain and can augment any user interaction for better user experience, more personalized conversations, valuable insights, and improved productivity. Empower your employees to be more productive and focus on more complex tasks while resolving requests faster than ever.

  • Specto’s AI Platform is enterprise-ready and supports multiple use-cases, different modalities of conversation (e.g. speech, chat, text messaging, and email), multi- bot networks, highly scalable, and the ability to live inside established IT architecture
  • Assists with task automation, conversation routing and self-service interactions to deliver fast and accurate responses that help reduce workload on select channels
  • CCDI is the process of using Specto’s AI chatbot conversations with your customers to continuously improve your AI chatbots
  • Results in highly intelligent chatbot that learns a specific domain (e.g. COVID-19) and improve customer experience and quality of chatbots
  • Specto AI platform can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises based on customer’s specific needs. The customer is in control of their valuable data through the entire engagement
  • Meets 508 government compliance standards, allowing people with disabilities to easily interact with our chatbots through screen readers or through speech-to-text
  • Specto’s AI chatbots can integrate with back-end systems and data sources.
  • Our chatbots can automatically perform a task such as scheduling meetings or surface valuable information in an enterprise
  • 24/7 365 access to answer frequently asked questions instantly

  • Chatbot is easily customizable to customer’s branding

  • Seamlessly transfer to a human agent to ensure complex issues are addressed with personal touch and expertise
  • Continuously improve chatbots with conversation data

  • AI chatbot becomes more intelligent by recognizing patterns and uses it to make predictions

  • To read, decipher, understand, respond and make sense of the human languages

  • Integrated LLM (Large Language Model) for powerful language understanding
  • Easily customize conversations and retain context to hold back-and-forth conversations. Smoothly handle topic changes and seamlessly integrate business logic into conversation flows
  • No-Code dialogue management empowers users with no coding or programming knowledge to create and edit conversation responses/actions faster and more efficiently
  • Responsive chatbot that is widely accessible on various devices (e.g. iOS and android) and communication channels (i.e. speech, chat, text messaging, and email)
  • Works on all modern internet browsers – Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox
  • Speak into the chatbot instead of typing messages available on all browsers

  • Automated translation using Google and Amazon Web Servies (AWS) translation services

  • Understand the sentiments of user messages by labelling them as positive, negative or neutral
  • If the chatbot does not have a suitable intent/response to answer a user’s question the bot can search Google or another domain

  • Enhances data-driven decision-making by collecting rich amounts of data to produce customizable analytics that measure KPIs, gain valuable insights and help anticipate future needs
  • Helps capture evolving user needs by comparing and closing gaps between “what is needed” vs. “what is offered”
  • Built upon open-source framework that enables cost efficient and easy-to-use platform for constant updates and cutting-edge AI technologies

How Conversational AI Chatbots work?

Conversational AI combines data, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to create technologies that understands intent, analyzes different languages and contexts, and imitates human conversation. This empowers technologies like chatbots, virtual assistants, or virtual agents to learn and become more intelligent over time, and quickly and efficiently communicate in a human-like manner via text and speech.

There are two main components of Conversational AI:

Machine Learning (ML)

Based on the idea that systems can continually learn and identify patterns through repeated use and automatically improve themselves with minimal human interaction.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Technologies that enable computers to understand language in speech or text including intent and sentiment.

Why Conversational AI Chatbots?

chatbot on phone

Conversational AI chatbots, conversational AI assistants or AI chatbots are built upon layers of complex systems that enable continuous self-improvement – becoming more intelligent and mature as they learn with conversation data and supervised machine learning. In addition, using natural language processing (NLP), AI chatbots emulate human conversations by analyzing and understanding sentiment and context in different languages.

Benefits of LLM-Enhanced Conversational AI Chatbots

Some benefits from leveraging LLM-Enhanced conversational AI chatbots include:


Text & Voice

Text, voice and outbound interactions



Highest standard of security, control and compliance


Brand Experience

Differentiated brand experience with personalized responses and guidance


Cost Effective

Reducing cost of customer care by reducing volume of inquiries to select channels



Omnichannel for more customer engagement and accessible 24/7 365 days



Instant customer feedback and actionable insights to inform future developments


Optimizing Workforce

Optimizing workforce with decreased workload and creating more time for human agents to solve the most complex problems



Higher productivity with task and process automation and automated conversation routing


Customer Satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction with seamless user experience, intuitive self-service, faster resolution and more meaningful engagements

By enabling conversational AI chatbots to learn and improve, the value of AI chatbot solutions will increase over time. As a result, many different organizations are increasingly incorporating intelligent chatbot solutions to optimize their workforce, so they can be more productive and focus on more complex tasks while resolving requests faster than ever.

How Specto’s LLM-Enhanced Conversational AI Chatbots work?

NeuroSoph Inc. is committed to remaining at the forefront in AI technologies which involves harnessing open-source Generative AI technologies, such as Large Language Models (LLMs) to deliver state-of-the-art products and services. Our primary objective is to ensure the highest levels of security, control and efficacy of our AI systems, effectively preventing the generation of unreliable information inappropriate responses, or nonfactual content.  

NeuroSoph’s proprietary Specto AI platform is used to build  LLM-enhanced conversational AI chatbots that are trained on industry-specific data, therefore, can understand the nuances of each industry. Furthermore, our innovative approach maintains the human-touch and empowers content creators by granting them greater control over the output, all while ensuring these AI systems understand and grasp the context of a wide range of conversations. Moreover, our methodology achieves greater efficiency with less data, fosters flexibility, and supports organic development of conversations – ultimately, leading to a superior user experience. 

Specto AI Platform Assisted Intake Key Features

ai intake

Assisted Intake Process

Specto AI-Assisted intake experience to automate the application process

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility and User Friendliness

User interface is intuitive and compliant with WCAG 2.2 and screen readers

speech to text


Enable users to effortlessly convert spoken words into written text in the user interface

speech to text


Real-Time, assisted voice-over guidance to enhance user accessibility and interaction


Multi-Device Support

Access Assisted Intake from various devices such as desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices


Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless integration with existing systems other databases


Multilingual Support

Provide support in 13+ languages


Data Security and Privacy

Implement leading security protocols to protect applicant information

Specto AI Assisted Intake

The Specto AI Assisted Intake automates the intake of applications – reducing backlog, improving accessibility, and providing a seamless application process for individuals seeking support. 

Specto’s AI Assisted Intake helps applicants efficiently navigate through the application with guided-voice overs and providing additional information every step of the way. Additionally, it streamlines the application process by helping to reduce errors in data collection and validates responses to ensure the information is complete and meets the required criteria – improving accuracy of data collection and reducing the need for follow-up corrections. Our AI Assisted Intake offers alternative methods of providing information – such as voice input – making services more accessible to a wider audience. 


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